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Pro Bono Success Stories

March 17, 2010

Below are a few success stories from pro bono attorneys volunteering to represent active-duty servicemembers through the ABA Military Pro Bono Project:

A pro bono attorney in Kentucky represented an Army soldier stationed in Texas in a dispute with the Kentucky child support authority over a claim by the state that the soldier owed an arrearage on his child support payments. The attorney was able to significantly reduce the arrearage to a level the soldier could afford.

A pro bono attorney in New Jersey represented a Navy sailor in the resolution of his divorce case. The opposing party was represented by counsel and was insisting on a number of terms in the decree that were detrimental to the sailor. With the help of pro bono counsel, the sailor was able to secure a much better outcome than he would have achieved unrepresented.

A Virginia pro bono attorney represented a Navy sailor currently serving overseas in Italy in a case where a merchant sued the sailor for fees involving the sailor’s return of defective merchandise. The sailor disputed the merchant’s ability to charge the claimed fees under the terms of the contract, but the merchant obtained a default judgment. The pro bono attorney successfully vacated the judgment based on the merchant’s failure to serve the sailor, and is continuing to represent the sailor on the underlying claim.

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