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More Pro Bono Success Stories

March 24, 2010

Here are a few more illustrations of the excellent work being done by our volunteers across the country on behalf of the men and women in the armed forces:

  • A Texas Army soldier was represented by a Minnesota pro bono attorney who assisted her in resolving a dispute with the Minnesota-based bank through which she had a car loan. The vehicle was damaged in an accident and paid off by her insurance company, but the bank erroneously reported the vehicle as “repossessed” on her credit reports. Neither the solder nor her Army legal assistance attorney was able to convince the bank to remove the error from the credit reports, but the locally-based pro bono attorney was able to negotiate a successful resolution with the bank whereby the repossession information was removed from all of the soldier’s credit reports.
  • An Army soldier purchased a vehicle in Colorado with the intent to take it with him when he was transferred to Germany. He was convinced by the dealership to purchase a very expensive warranty that he was assured would be valid in Germany. Once arriving in Germany with the vehicle, he discovered that the warranty was non-enforceable. Neither the solder nor his JAG was able to convince the dealership to refund the significant warranty cost. A Colorado-based pro bono attorney was able to successfully negotiate with the dealership to rescind the warranty contract and refund the soldier’s money.
  • An Illinois pro bono attorney represented an Army soldier stationed in Kansas in a child support matter filed in Illinois. The soldier had accrued a support arrearage due to the combination of a lack of notice of the proceeding and a support level set far higher than he could afford. The opposing counsel was seeking to have the soldier incarcerated for contempt. The pro bono attorney successfully convinced the court to not find the soldier in contempt, and he continues to work to reduce the soldier’s support obligation and arrearage to a level consistent with legal guidelines and the soldier’s income.
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