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This Week’s Pro Bono Success Story

August 16, 2010

A Navy family found themselves involved with a state child welfare agency after their autistic child slipped out of the home and was found nearby by the police. The agency made a finding of neglect against the parents, which they disputed on the grounds that the agency failed to interview key witnesses, made factual errors in its report, and did not take into account all of the precautions the parents had taken to keep the child secure. The neglect finding had the potential to adversely affect the sailor’s military career and prohibited his wife from operating an in-home daycare, an important source of income for the family. The Military Pro Bono Project located an attorney to represent the family in the administrative hearing to challenge the agency’s neglect finding. The attorney successfully obtained a determination that the neglect finding was without basis and in error, and all records against the family in the matter would be expunged by the agency.

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