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Volunteer Attorney Successfully Helps Servicemember Gain Custody of his Child

May 30, 2012

A Navy servicemember’s ex-wife had primary custody of their young son. However, after their divorce, the ex-wife developed a severe substance abuse problem, and she was arrested on multiple occasions on felony drug and violent crimes. Because of this situation, the servicemember wanted to gain custody of his son, so he could provide a safe home. The servicemember’s military attorney referred this matter to the ABA Military Pro Bono Project, which located an attorney who offered to help the servicemember pro bono. The volunteer attorney successfully helped the servicemember obtain a court order that awarded him sole parental responsibility. The servicemember is extremely grateful and appreciative for the volunteer attorney’s help. Not only is he relieved that his son will now have a safe home, but he is also excited about spending time with his son camping, fishing, painting, going to the zoo, and playing soccer and T-ball. 

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