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Volunteer Attorney Successfully Helps an Airman with a Car Dealership Settlement

January 28, 2013

A young Airman purchased a car from a large used-car dealership. However, after the purchase, the car was plagued with numerous dangerous problems, which should have been revealed by the dealership before the purchase. An independent car mechanic described the car as a “death trap.” Despite the car dealership’s warranty, the Airman paid thousands of dollars in repairs. The dealership refused to offer any settlement with the Airman, so she needed legal help to negotiate a settlement or file a lawsuit. A military legal assistance attorney referred this case to the Military Pro Bono Project, which located a volunteer attorney who filed a lawsuit against the car dealership. After filing the lawsuit, the car dealership began settlement negotiations. With the volunteer attorney’s help, the dealership agreed to take back the car, paid off the Airman’s loan, and provided funds to cover the fees spend on repair.

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