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Volunteer Attorneys Helps Air Force Member Regain Custody of her Child

October 11, 2013

An Air Force servicemember lost physical custody of her special needs child when she received orders to transfer stations from the East Coast to the West Coast. The servicemember and her child’s father originally had joint physical and legal custody of their child. When the servicemember received orders to transfer to the West Coast, she filed a motion to relocate the child. However, her motion was denied, and the father was granted primary physical custody. Later, when the servicemember transferred back to the East Coast, she wanted to regain joint physical custody of her child, but the father was represented by counsel and opposed the change. The servicemember visited a military legal assistance attorney, who referred the case to the Military Pro Bono Project. The Project located a volunteer attorney who—after donating approximately 350 hours of pro bono legal services for this contested case—helped this servicemember regain joint physical custody of her child.

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