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Volunteer Attorney Assisted Soldier to Obtain Increased Custody and Visitation Rights

June 12, 2015

An Army servicemember’s ex-wife was granted majority timesharing with their children in their divorce decree. However, the ex-wife developed substance abuse problems and had been in and out of jail. Because she could not provide a stable home for their children, the soldier and his ex-wife signed an agreement to give temporary custody to the soldier. His ex-wife then wanted custody back, retained an attorney and filed a motion to regain custody. The soldier sought legal help with the ABA Military Pro Bono Project which connected him with a pro bono attorney. The soldier, through the assistance of this attorney, was able to modify the final divorce judgment which resulted in an increase in his custody and visitation rights while lowering the servicemember’s child support payments. The attorney also assisted the soldier to document thoroughly the informal arrangements the two parents had previously made.

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