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Pro Bono Attorney Assisted Airman to Dismiss HOA Lawsuit

August 7, 2015

An Air Force servicemember could not afford the mortgage payments on a home he was awarded after a divorce so he tried to negotiate modification of his mortgage loan; the bank refused. The servicemember then vacated the home and unsuccessfully tried to sell it.  The home was ultimately foreclosed upon and the servicemember was sued for the homeowner association fees, served with court papers and received discovery requests as part of the lawsuit; however, because he was unrepresented, he failed to respond within the required time.  Fortunately, the ABA Military Pro Bono Project was able to connect the servicemember with a pro bono attorney who assisted with his responses as well as the filing of additional pleadings.  As a result, the lawsuit was dismissed and the plaintiff will be forever barred from suing the servicemember on the same claim.  The servicemember was extremely appreciative of the pro bono legal assistance that he was provided.

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