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Soldier Reimbursed by Fraudulent Car Dealership with Pro Bono Attorney Help

May 13, 2016

An Army servicemember purchased a vehicle and began to suffer financially from the cost of the loan she received and the significant unexpected maintenance issues with the vehicle. The soldier therefore decided that she needed to trade the vehicle in for a less expensive vehicle. However, when attempting to trade in the vehicle, the servicemember found out that the car dealership misrepresented in the paperwork the features of her vehicle as having upgrades that it did not actually have and therefore was worth much less than represented by the dealership. Because the servicemember’s military attorney could not represent her in court, the ABA Military Pro Bono Project quickly referred the soldier to an experienced pro bono attorney in her area. Within less than two months of the referral, the soldier’s volunteer attorney was able to negotiate a refund of all of the servicemember’s out of pocket expenses associated with the purchase, including the down payment, loan payments, car insurance payments, and repair costs as well as a release from the sale contract, warranty and gap coverage which she purchased. As a result, with this legal dispute behind her, the soldier is able to stay focused on her military missions.

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