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Soldier’s Parents Permitted to Reside in His Home with Volunteer Attorney Help

May 20, 2016

An Army servicemember and his wife entered into a “lease to own contract” for a home and the soldier’s parents were residing in the home. The contract did not restrict this; however, the landlord claimed that the soldier and his wife had breached the contract by abandoning the premises and subleasing without due procedures. Despite attempts by the servicemember’s military to negotiate a resolution, the landlord filed an eviction lawsuit against the soldier for which he needed civilian legal representation. The ABA Military was able to quickly refer the servicemember to an experienced pro bono attorney to assist him in his defense. Within just a few weeks of referral, the volunteer attorney was able to get the eviction lawsuit dismissed, allowing the soldier’s parents to continue residing in the home and relieving the servicemember and his wife of stressful legal proceedings.

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