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Soldier Cleared of Auto Lease Debt with Volunteer Legal Help

June 3, 2016

While a young Army servicemember was leasing a vehicle from a dealership, he decided that he wanted to purchase a different vehicle from the dealership. The dealership told the soldier that he could terminate his lease and then purchase the other car. The dealership signed a Lease Termination Acknowledgement and took possession of the leased vehicle. The soldier then purchased the other car. However, the dealership did not follow through with the lease termination, and the assigned financing company was attempting to collect lease payments from the soldier, causing a significant financial burden on the servicemember, who was soon scheduled to be relocated. Because the soldier’s military attorney had exhausted all efforts within his authority to resolve the matter and the soldier was unable to afford a civilian attorney, the ABA Military Pro Bono quickly referred the servicemember to an experienced, local pro bono attorney to assist him. Within a few weeks, the soldier’s volunteer attorney was able to resolve the matter whereby the dealership agreed to buy out the servicemember’s lease, waive a remaining deficiency balance and update the soldier’s credit reports to reflect no negative reporting. Due to the generous assistance of his attorney, the soldier was relieved of this financial burden, could avoid prolonged legal proceedings and thus stay focused on his military duties.

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  1. Anne Schulte permalink
    November 22, 2017 3:00 pm

    This case would be eligible for an attorney fee award in Michigan.

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