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Sailor Cleared of Alleged Child Support Arrearage with Pro Bono Legal Help

October 28, 2016

A Navy servicemember who was underway onboard a ship received notice that he was several thousand dollars in child support arrears, that his involuntary allotment amount was being increased and that his tax refund would be withheld to offset the increased amount. The sailor received this notice despite that he had paperwork confirming all payments were made since the child support order was entered. As a result of having to pay off this alleged debt, the sailor was facing financial hardship in caring for his current spouse and two minor children. The ABA Military Pro Bono Project quickly referred the servicemember to an experienced pro bono attorney in his jurisdiction who was able to arrange with the local child support enforcement agency to terminate the additional income garnishment and tax refund interception order. In addition, with the generous assistance of his volunteer attorney, the sailor was able to obtain credit for his excess support payments of nearly $3000 without the need to resort to litigation. Thus, the servicemember could now focus on his military duties with the stress of this financial hardship behind him.

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