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Soldier Obtains Guardianship Over Minor Sister-in-Law with Pro Bono Legal Help

April 28, 2017

An Army servicemember’s minor sister-in-law, a U.S. citizen who was residing with the soldier and his wife but whose undocumented parents were unable to care for her, required guardianship in order to continue residing with the soldier on the military base and obtain military healthcare coverage. The minor and her parents consented to the guardianship, and the soldier had the means and motivation to continue raising the minor, so the servicemember was seeking pro bono help to obtain the court-ordered guardianship over her.

The ABA Military Pro Bono Project quickly referred the soldier to an experienced pro bono attorney in her jurisdiction who was able to obtain written consent of the parents in Mexico, secure another pro bono attorney to represent the minor and file the necessary paperwork to obtain the guardianship for the servicemember. Due to the pro bono services of the soldier’s attorney, the servicemember can continue his military duties with the assurance that the minor permanently resides with him and is now enrolled in the military healthcare system as well as the on-post school system.

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