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With Pro Bono Legal Help, Airman Adopts Adult Disabled Siblings

January 5, 2018

An Air Force servicemember had guardianship over her two adult siblings. Both siblings are disabled and suffer from autism. Because of some complications with the guardianship orders, the servicemember’s application to declare her siblings as military dependents was denied. To resolve this, the servicemember needed to either modify her guardianship orders or adopt her disabled children.

After visiting a military legal assistance office to discuss this issue, a JAG referred this servicemember to the ABA Military Pro Bono Project, which located an attorney who volunteered to help. Determining that an adoption would be the best solution for this family, the volunteer attorney represented the servicemember through the legal process of adopting her siblings. Thanks to this volunteer attorney’s assistance, the servicemember can now claim her siblings as dependents and better care for them through military services and benefits. This will also help the servicemember with her military readiness, especially when she needs to make arrangements for her siblings before potential deployments.


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