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Sailor Avoids Termination of his Parental Rights and Establishes Custody with Help of Pro Bono Attorney

January 10, 2020

A Navy servicemember learned that he was the father of a young child after being notified of an upcoming hearing to terminate his parental rights due to abandonment. Prior to the notice of the hearing, he had no idea that he was the minor child’s father. He wanted to maintain his parental rights in order to establish a relationship with the child, so he went to his legal assistance office for help.

A military attorney referred him to the ABA Military Pro Bono Project, and the Project then connected the Sailor with an attorney who spent dozens of hours fighting for the Sailor’s rights. In the end, the Sailor was not only able to avoid the termination of his parental rights, but he also was able to establish custody, and him and his family have since developed a wonderful bond with his child.

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