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Sailor Obtains Settlement Agreement with Dealership with Help from Volunteer Attorney

May 18, 2020

A Navy servicemember purchased a used vehicle from a dealership. The dealership failed to complete its obligations from their contract to register the vehicle and provide tags. The dealership also failed to provide title, so the servicemember could not register the vehicle himself. Thus, he couldn’t drive the vehicle. The Sailor attempted to resolve this issue with the car dealership himself over the period of several months, and eventually visited his legal assistance office, where a JAG also worked to try to resolve the issue with the car dealership.

After their attempts to resolve the situation with the car dealership failed, the JAG referred the Sailor’s case to the ABA Military Pro Bono Project, which connected the servicemember with an attorney who offered to provide pro bono representation. With the volunteer attorney’s assistance, the servicemember and the car dealership entered into a settlement agreement, and the servicemember received a full payout.

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