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After her Landlord Violated the SCRA, a Pro Bono Attorney Helped to Clear a Soldier’s Past-Due Balance with her Landlord

March 22, 2021

An Army soldier’s apartment was flooded due to construction completed outside of her unit. She notified her landlord and requested that the apartment complex’s maintenance team repair the damages from the flooding. After multiple requests, the maintenance was never performed and mold began to form in the apartment, causing health issues for both the soldier’s child and husband. In the midst of this, the soldier received military orders forcing her to relocate. She notified her landlord in a timely matter that she would need to terminate her lease early, which she was entitled to do by the Servicemembers’ Civil Relief Act (SCRA). After relocating, she was surprised to find out that she was charged an early termination fee for the lease, as well as for the damages from the flooding by her previous landlord.

The soldier visited her legal assistance office, and her case was referred to the ABA Military Pro Bono Project. The Project connected the soldier with an attorney. With the pro bono attorney’s help, the soldier’s balance with her former landlord was completely cleared, and the negative credit reporting on her file was also removed.

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