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With Attorney’s Help, Soldier Maintains Primary Custody of her Daughter

October 22, 2021

An Army servicemember had a child with her husband. Several years later, the relationship began to deteriorate and the soldier’s husband became emotionally abusive and manipulative. He fled the country with their daughter. Because the soldier was stationed abroad, she sought, and was granted, an emergency custody order for her daughter in the country where she was stationed. After several months, her daughter was returned to her, their divorce was finalized, and her ex-husband seemed to move on with his life. A few years later, the soldier was served with paperwork because her ex-husband sought primary custody of their daughter. The soldier visited her legal assistance office for help.

Her case was referred to the ABA Military Pro Bono Project and she was connected with a pro bono attorney in her home state. The attorney worked with the soldier, who was still living abroad, and eventually resolved the case in her favor, allowing her to retain primary custody of her daughter.

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