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Moving Co. Pays Back Marine with Pro Bono Legal Help

April 29, 2016

A Marine’s wife and young son moved across the country to join him on base. Shortly thereafter, the Marine was deployed overseas, requiring him to leave behind a legal dispute with their moving company. The dispute centered on the moving company’s refusal to return the Marine’s security deposit and provide the necessary documentation that would avoid the servicemember from being personally charged for all costs by the Marine Corps who paid for the move. In addition, to the family’s astonishment, the moving company lost the family cat during the move, damaged several of the Marine’s possessions, including his child’s handmade toy box, and refused to reimburse the servicemember’s family for their loss. Unfortunately, neither the Marine nor his military legal assistance attorney were able to resolve the dispute despite several attempts. The servicemember was then referred to the ABA Military Pro Bono Project who was able to connect the Marine to an experienced team of pro bono attorneys in his area to assist him. The volunteer attorneys forwarded demand letters to the moving company and were ultimately able to negotiate a settlement agreement in the Marine’s favor and arrange for payment by the moving company. As a result of his pro bono attorneys’ efforts, the Marine can better focus on his military missions knowing that his family’s distressing legal dispute is resolved.

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