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With Volunteer Attorney Help, Judgment Against Deployed Sailor Is Vacated

October 2, 2015

A Navy servicemember terminated his apartment lease early due to poor conditions in the apartment and crime in the area. The landlord filed a claim for unpaid rent and the servicemember paid the amount ordered. The next year, while the servicemember was deployed, the landlord filed another lawsuit. The servicemember did not receive notice nor or have any knowledge of the basis of the lawsuit. A judgment of over $5,000 was ordered against him, potentially in violation of the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA), which was set to be garnished from his military pay. The ABA Military Pro Bono Project referred the soldier to a pro bono attorney who successfully was able to persuade the court to vacate the judgment and dismiss the wage garnishment against him.

Pro Bono Attorney Helps Marine Get $10,000 Mechanics Lien Dismissed

September 25, 2015

A Marine had learned that a mechanics lien for over $10,000 had been placed on his vehicle despite lack of evidence of any accidents to warrant the repairs.  In addition, it appeared that under Florida law, the lien was placed on the vehicle prematurely. The ABA Military Pro Bono Project referred the Marine to a pro bono attorney who was able to persuade a judge to strike and set aside the lien on the soldier’s vehicle.  Through additional litigation and a deposition of the mechanic’s representative, the pro bono attorney ultimately arranged for the return of the Marine’s vehicle and had the claim against him dismissed.  The attorney was also able to arrange for the soldier’s auto insurer to reimburse him for the out-of-pocket expenses he incurred, including deposition costs.  The Marine is indeed pleased with the outcome of the litigation with the help of his volunteer attorney.

With Pro Bono Attorney Help, Reservist Receives Bankruptcy Discharge

September 18, 2015

A National Guard soldier had been unemployed, except for her drill pay, for approximately four years.  She had fallen behind on her financial obligations – a situation which, if not corrected, could have adversely affected her eligibility to stay in the National Guard.  The servicemember had been receiving unemployment benefits; however, her home mortgage, automobile loan and credit obligations were delinquent or in collections.  Financial advisors and credit counselors had all been advising her to file for bankruptcy but she could not afford the attorneys fees for the bankruptcy petition.  The ABA Military Pro Bono Project referred the soldier to a pro bono attorney who was able to file a bankruptcy petition for her.  Over the course of four years, with the help of her attorney, the servicemember successfully completed her Chapter 13 bankruptcy case and has received a bankruptcy discharge.

Volunteer Attorney Helps Soldier Recover for Auto Sale During Deployment

August 14, 2015

An active duty servicemember in the U.S. Army left his beloved automobile with his mechanic when he was transferred to England.  The mechanic was later evicted from his place of business and all cars on the mechanic’s lot were towed. The servicemember contacted the towing company and informed them that he was on active duty, stationed overseas.  However, the towing company was unsympathetic and informed the servicemember that he would have to remove his vehicle and pay all impound fees or it would be sold at auction.  Without a court order, this sale violated the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA).  The servicemember informed the towing company of his rights under the SCRA and provided proof of his active duty status.  Despite this, the towing company sold the vehicle two days later.  The ABA Military Pro Bono Project referred the servicemember to a pro bono attorney who filed a complaint in federal court on the servicemember’s behalf, demanding damages and attorneys’ fees under the SCRA.  The towing company, eager to settle, contacted the attorney to agree to a settlement and dismiss the lawsuit.  This case illustrates how the SCRA protects the legal rights of servicemembers, who may not always be aware of their rights without legal assistance.

Pro Bono Attorney Assisted Airman to Dismiss HOA Lawsuit

August 7, 2015

An Air Force servicemember could not afford the mortgage payments on a home he was awarded after a divorce so he tried to negotiate modification of his mortgage loan; the bank refused. The servicemember then vacated the home and unsuccessfully tried to sell it.  The home was ultimately foreclosed upon and the servicemember was sued for the homeowner association fees, served with court papers and received discovery requests as part of the lawsuit; however, because he was unrepresented, he failed to respond within the required time.  Fortunately, the ABA Military Pro Bono Project was able to connect the servicemember with a pro bono attorney who assisted with his responses as well as the filing of additional pleadings.  As a result, the lawsuit was dismissed and the plaintiff will be forever barred from suing the servicemember on the same claim.  The servicemember was extremely appreciative of the pro bono legal assistance that he was provided.

With Pro Bono Attorney Help, Children Allowed To Accompany Sailor On Relocation

July 24, 2015

A Navy servicemember who is a single mother and primary caregiver for three children received a transfer order that required her to move away from her children’s servicemember father.  The father, who also received an order to relocate, requested permission to move with the children to his transfer location which was approximately 1,500 miles away from where the mother was being transferred. In order to maintain stability for her children, the mother needed to request primary custody of them and permission to relocate with them to her new transfer location. The ABA Military Pro Bono Project connected the mother with a pro bono attorney to assist her in obtaining this challenging legal remedy.  After many hours of preparation, the attorney represented the mother at a hearing in which the court ruled in the mother’s favor, granting her petition for relocation, awarding her primary physical custody of the children during the nine-month school year, and granting the father custody during summer vacations. The father’s counsel soon filed an appeal, to which the pro bono attorney prepared an appellate brief in response and presented the mother’s position at oral argument which again resulted in a favorable finding for her. In addition, while the appeal was pending, the pro bono attorney petitioned the court to modify the mother’s child support order to reflect the new custody arrangement, which resulted in her receiving nearly a $1000/month increase in child support payments.  The attorney and his associates, who traditionally incur a high billing rate, generously contributed a significant amount of pro bono time to secure a much-needed result for this servicemember.

Volunteer Attorney Assists Soldier To Re-Establish Contacts With His Children

July 9, 2015

An Army servicemember had been stationed in a different state from his children and his wife would not allow him child visitation. As a result, the soldier wished to obtain a divorce with shared legal custody and a visitation order that coincided with his military duties. The ABA Military Pro Bono Project connected the servicemember with a pro bono attorney who generously provided an extraordinary number of hours to assist the servicemember.  This attorney assisted in guiding the servicemember’s ex-spouse to obtain her own attorney, resolved alleged child support arrears which proved unfounded, and negotiated, drafted and arranged for a divorce settlement with an emphasis on maintaining contact with his child while on duty and during deployments.


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