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Pro Bono Attorney Helps Marine Get $10,000 Mechanics Lien Dismissed

September 25, 2015

A Marine had learned that a mechanics lien for over $10,000 had been placed on his vehicle despite lack of evidence of any accidents to warrant the repairs.  In addition, it appeared that under Florida law, the lien was placed on the vehicle prematurely. The ABA Military Pro Bono Project referred the Marine to a pro bono attorney who was able to persuade a judge to strike and set aside the lien on the soldier’s vehicle.  Through additional litigation and a deposition of the mechanic’s representative, the pro bono attorney ultimately arranged for the return of the Marine’s vehicle and had the claim against him dismissed.  The attorney was also able to arrange for the soldier’s auto insurer to reimburse him for the out-of-pocket expenses he incurred, including deposition costs.  The Marine is indeed pleased with the outcome of the litigation with the help of his volunteer attorney.

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