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Airman and Disabled Veteran Spouse Reach Favorable Settlement After Being Sued by Contractor

December 19, 2019

An Air Force servicemember and his wife, a disabled veteran, hired a contractor to make necessary repairs to their home and roof. The family paid the full price for the repairs up front, as required by the contract. However, the contractor never finished the repairs, and sued the military family for an alleged remaining balance of several thousand dollars. With their home still damaged and now facing a lawsuit, the Airman visited a military legal assistance office to discuss the situation and seek help.

A military attorney referred him to the ABA Military Pro Bono Project, and the Project then connected the Airman with an experienced attorney who assisted in fighting the contractor’s lawsuit. After several months of litigation, the pro bono attorney was able to avoid a lengthy trial. The contractor agreed to a favorable settlement for the Airman and his family, and the case was dismissed.

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