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Volunteer Attorney Obtains Ideal Conclusion for Soldier’s Long-Term Family Law Battle

February 26, 2013

An Army servicemember previously was granted full custody of his children, as custody and visitation were previously taken away from his ex-wife due to her child abuse. However, the ex-wife obtained counsel to reinstate some level of custody and/or visitation. The soldier spoke with a military legal assistance attorney about this issue, because the soldier needed help to maintain the current custody order to protect his children. The military attorney referred the case to the Military Pro Bono Project, which located a volunteer attorney who offered to provide pro bono help to the soldier.

After extended litigation about the reinstatement of custody and visitation for the ex-wife, the soldier received an ideal case outcome—the ex-wife gave up and decided to relinquish her parental rights. The soldier’s volunteer attorney then helped complete a step-parent adoption for the soldier’s current wife. This military family was overwhelmed with appreciative emotions, because the volunteer attorney’s help ended this long-term legal battle.

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